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Real-Time Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

Our Omnidirectional Model


Our model functions as a central switchboard that powers an omnidirectional flow of various digital solutions.

How We Do It

We design, develop and implement world-class technology solutions that enable governments, banks and financial intermediaries to efficiently manage the full lifecycle of their payment needs. Our payments software is also fully inclusive and designed to easily integrate with legacy systems.


Real-time, 24/7 central switchboard to route all digital transactions.


Transfer funds from one bank/MFS/PSP account to another account (bank, wallet, or payment service provider) using any mobile device.

Safe & Secure

Authenticate transactions via virtual IDs linked to National ID or Business Identification Number.


Merge and integrate with multiple banks, e-wallets, mobile financial service providers, payment system operators and payment gateways.


Maps and logs records of each transaction using a blockchain distributed ledger.


Single User ID across all Fls.

Payments Infrastructure
& Applications

& Applications

Real-Time Clearing

Automated clearing subject to net debit cap limit.

Virtual ID Based Transactions

Secure identification for ultimate confidentiality and security.

Direct Pay Interoperable

Fuss-free fund transfers.

Request-to-Pay (RTP)
Interoperable Transactions

Facilitates pay requests between payees and financial institutions.

Transaction Validation
& Record Keeping

Enables value limits, user/device restrictions, real-time messaging, end-to-end tracking and 2-Factor authentication for financial messages.

Dynamic QR Transactions

One-time, unique QR codes for increased security.


Easy-to-use purchasing between individuals and merchants.

Government Dues & Bills

A generated government approved official identification number helps to track and verify every single bill.

Bulk Transactions

Fuss-free fund transfers including Salary Distribution and Govt. Fund Disbursement (Subsidies, Stimulus Payment).

Automatic VAT Payment

Easy-to-use purchasing between individuals and merchants.

Dispute Resolution

Resolves disputes with ease under one well-oiled system.

Risk Management

Checks and mitigates restricted data/devices as well as transaction limits.

Interoperable Mobile App

Facilitates multiple transactions between supported financial institutions.

There is no need for additional apps,

simply continue to use what
you have been using.

There is no need for additional apps,

simply continue to use what you have been using.

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