Application Design & Development

At Velwire, we deliver high-quality custom software solutions and services to help businesses drive efficiency, productivity, and success. Our team of skilled developers is dedicated to deliver exceptional solutions that meet your unique needs and goals.

Enterprise Solutions

We have a large number of analysts, solution architects, coders, testers, data conversion experts, quality assurance experts, trainers, implementers, and project managers who are eligible to provide you with the best-customized solution. We apply different software development methodologies depending on your organization’s size and nature and the client’s type and location. Velwire offers you the most secure and best-customized services.

Legacy Software Modernization

Our services include redesigning, refactoring, and enhancing outdated systems to make them more efficient, as well as migrating to newer platforms and reviewing technical architecture and development practices. Let us help you make the most of your current technology and pave the way for success.

IT Managed Services

This service gives you great flexibility, low cost, and time savings. Simply specify the number and experience level of the developers you need, and they will work exclusively on your projects with no other responsibilities. This is an ideal solution for businesses looking to get the most value out of their development efforts.