Test Lead
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Full Time
Published On: 30 Aug 2022
Velwire designs, builds and operates payment infrastructures, applications and services focused on facilitating real-time electronic payments for emerging economies. Our clients and partners include large-cap tech companies, financial institutions, public sector agencies and intergovernmental organizations.
We are looking for a Test Lead who will develop testing programs that address areas such as database impacts, software scenarios, regression testing, negative testing, error or bug retests, usability, product design, schedules, and can participate in product design reviews to provide input on functional requirements, handle potential problems and plan test schedules or strategies in accordance with project scope or delivery dates.
Job Description
  • Design test plans, scenarios, scripts, or procedures.
  • Document software defects, using a bug tracking system, and report defects to software developers.
  • Identify, analyze, and document problems with program function, output, online screen, or content.
  • Conduct software compatibility tests with programs, hardware, operating systems, or network environments.
  • Test system modifications to prepare for implementation.
  • Provide feedback and recommendations to developers on software usability and functionality.
  • Monitor program performance to ensure efficient and problem-free operations.
  • Investigate customer problems referred by technical support.
  • Perform initial debugging procedures by reviewing configuration files, logs, or code pieces to determine breakdown source.
  • Modify existing software to correct errors, allow it to adapt to new hardware, or to improve its performance.
  • Store, retrieve, and manipulate data for analysis of system capabilities and requirements
Our Desired Profile
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science/engineering, or a related field
  • Minimum 8-10 years of experience
  • Agile and Scrum software development practices
  • Programming languages, such as C++, .NET, Python, SQL, JavaScript
  • Software testing methodologies, such as integration testing, acceptance testing, security testing and usability testing.
  • Have experience in using Automation tools, Test management tools, Defect/bug tracking tools