Senior Vice President
- Project Management
Client Services
Full Time
Published On: 27 Aug 2022
Velwire designs, builds, and operates payment infrastructures, applications and services focused on facilitating real-time electronic payments for emerging economies. Our clients and partners include large-cap tech companies, financial institutions, public sector agencies and intergovernmental organizations.
We are looking for Vice President – Client Transformation Partner, who will be responsible for overseeing the planning and implementation of a portfolio of businesses entirely through budgeting, hiring team members, sourcing suppliers, and planning the project release, setting deadlines, providing feedback, and communicating with both external and internal stakeholders about the status of their business.
Job Description
  • Collaborate with the Management in developing actionable strategies and planning that ensure alignment with short-term and long-term Company objectives.
  • Assist the Management in preparing budget for in terms of operational & team development.
  • Manage a portfolio of complex initiatives that span one or multiple lines of business.
  • Develop and manage all aspects of businesses and program engagement from planning, external vendor relationships, communications, resources, budget, change, risks, and issues.
  • Ensure effective completion of the assigned projects by maintaining the delivery of appropriate technical, operational, financial, and administrative outputs, while tracking the project progress through monitoring, evaluation, and reporting.
  • Develop comprehensive business plans to be shared with clients as well as other staff members.
  • Manage changes to the business scope, project schedule and costs using appropriate verification techniques.
  • Track business performance, specifically to analyze the successful completion of short and long-term goals.
  • Measure business performance using appropriate tools and techniques.
Our Desired Profile
  • MBA preferred or relevant undergraduate degree coupled with significant work experience.
  • 10-12 years of experience preferably in either of the following areas: Mobile Financial Services, Telecommunications, Financial institutions, Public Sector, or Intergovernmental Agencies.
  • A minimum of 8+ years of client management (or business relevant work) experience with specific experience working on large scale, multi-dimensional, business-significant projects.
  • Strong organizational interpersonal skills and ability to plan for expansive, multifaceted projects.
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work collaboratively across all levels (leadership, management, relevant team members).
  • Attention to detail and focus on excellence in execution.
  • Critical problem-solving ability & Effective logical reasoning skills.
  • Familiar with and well versed in various business management tools, including, but not limited to: Microsoft Teams, Share Point, Smart Sheets, etc.