- Engineering
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Full Time
Published On: 30 Aug 2022
Velwire designs, builds and operates payment infrastructures, applications and services focused on facilitating real-time electronic payments for emerging economies. Our clients and partners include large-cap tech companies, financial institutions, public sector agencies and intergovernmental organizations.
We are looking for Manager- Engineering who will be responsible for the overall development life cycle of the solution, manage complex projects with significant bottom line impact, design, implement, and refine product development, testing, and other relevant processes and strive to improve efficiency and sustainability of processes and product designs for technical accuracy assuring quality and safety compliance guidelines.
Job Description
  • Prioritize, plan, and execute projects, strategies, and features for completing projects on time.
  • Work with product managers in developing a strategy and road map to provide compelling capabilities that helps them succeed in their business goals.
  • Work closely with Senior Engineers to develop the best technical design and approach for new product development.
  • Oversee project logistics and resource allocation.
  • Monitor changes in the technology sector to discover ways the Company can improve and develop.
  • Prepare and formalize service level agreements (SLAs) and ensure that system ownership for various systems in the line of operation are clear and known.
  • Determine the need for training and talent development.
Our Desired Profile
  • Bachelor's degree in Engineering Management, Technical Management, or relevant field.
  • Minimum 5-7 years of relevant experience as Engineering Manager or similar role.
  • Analytical and strategic skills for evaluating information carefully and solving complex problems.
  • Detail-oriented with the ability to catch minor errors which can result in major problems.
  • Organizational skills for keeping track of various budgets, employees, and schedules simultaneously
  • Experienced in using Agile, Scrum, Systems, Applications and Products (SAP) software and Computer-aided design (CAD) platforms.